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Seed Therapy

Seed therapy deals with the application of seeds or other parts of plants and attaching it with a tape at a corresponding point in the hand or foot of a person feeling pain. Seed Therapy is based on Sujok Therapy, when broken down, means Su = hand and Jok = foot. These Korean words rely solely on a therapy that makes use of the hands and feet as areas of treatment for the whole body

Arthritis, bronchitis, asthma, backache, joints pain, migraine, hypertension, sinusitis, deafness, constipation, acidity, obesity, diabetes, menstrual problems, and many more chronic diseases related to different organs of our body.

Seed therapy cures and prevents diseases at a physical, mental, and emotional level using hands and feet as treatment areas. This therapy is regarded as a healing system whereby simple stimulation to the specific corresponding points on the hands and feet.