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Reiki is the art of channelling unique divinely guided life force energy through the healer and passing the energy on to the person who is being healed. As the energy is being channelled the reiki healer is also healed and energized during the healing session. The healing energy possesses innate intelligence. reiki is a divinely guided energy, it knows how and what to heal.Feel the flow of Reiki energy through their hands and palm.

Reiki affects every person in a very personal way. The result of reiki healing depends on he need of the person being healed.

Some common benefits of reiki treatment are:

  • Reiki is an extremely pleasant and soothing, holistic method of healing.
  • Reiki functions at physical, spiritual, emotional and mental levels.
  • The natural ability of the body to heal itself is supported and enhanced by reiki.
  • Blocked up energies are loosened up by reiki and total relaxation is promoted by reiki.
  • The body is cleansed of poisons by reiki.
  • The body’s energies are balanced by reiki.
  • Mental well-being and spiritual equilibrium is established by reiki.
  • The body, mind and soul is vitalized by reiki.
  • The flow of reiki is adjusted automatically according to the recipient’s need.
  • Immune system is supporeted by reiki.