Acupressure & Sujok Therapy

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What is Acupressure?

Acupressure treatment is pressure on specific points to stimulate body to release certain body substances to increase circulation and heal certain disease. It is based on similar principle of acupuncture points that energy flows through body in different channels or meridians.

There are many points of acupressure points on meridians, which may get be blocked due to disease. If we remove this blockage by pressure on these points energy flows normally and disease is treated. Many allopathic doctors may not believe in this explanation but fact remains that patients benefit from acupressure treatment.

Advantage of Acupressure

Important part of therapy is patients can be trained to treat themselves in simple non serious conditions. Acupressure Therapy is similar to acupuncture treatment with difference that in acupressure treatment centers pressure is applied instead of insertion of needle.

What is Sujok Therapy?

Sujok treatment is based on assumption that body organs are represented in hand and foot. In Korean language Su means hand and Jok means foot. Stimulation of these sujok points will correct intended organ disease. Sujok therapy which is developed by Park Jae Woo of Korea, have practitioners worldwide. Sujok healing is new approach to treatment without drugs. Sujok therapy instruments: Sujok instruments are needles, pressure implements or just bare hand. It does not need complicated sujok therapy kit it works with simple Sujok tools

How Sujok Works?

There is a continuous flow of energy in all of us. The energy is balanced. Disease occurs due to imbalance of energy. Sujok’s treatment aim is to correct imbalance of the tissues, the cells and the organs. Once has to understand the basic corresponding points to the body. It is not necessary to learn where each point is located. It has no side effects. It is highly effective method of healing. Sujok works on the physical and emotional level.

Sujok Therapy is used for following problems

  • Sleep
  • Knee pain
  • Back pain
  • Constipation
  • Height
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney
  • weight loss
  • Memory