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Started as a small centre at the residence itself during morning and evening hours during 2011 at Salem, it has evolved as a full-fledged therapy centre in 2017 with four beds. The overwhelming response was due to the spread of word of mouth by the patients who got cured from their chronic and acute ailments from our treatments. We have the coveted privilege of having cent percent results so far on all the patients treated.

With the growing demand for alternative medicines and very good result from the patients treated so far, we started a state of the art alternative medicine centre at Annanagar East, Chennai during July 2019. More than 16 therapies are being offered here through three qualified and experienced doctors and therapists. There are separate facilities for treating women and men patients separately. We also have developed the facilities for teaching and conducting classes in the field of alternative medicine. We have developed proven protocols in unique combination of therapies to treat Autism especially in addressing speech disabilities successfully has made our centre the coveted position of only centre that can make an autistic patient speak naturally. We have also developed special treatment protocols to stimulate and activate the brain that helps the students and those preparing for competitive exams do well with significant positive results.


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To make the Alternative Medicine, a valued and easily available stream of treatment to harness a holistic wellness.

To be the iconic brand of Alternative Medicine

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Our Doctors

Dr.MURUGAN BABU T MD(Acu), MD(AM), PhD(Acu), Cert(Scalp Acupuncture), Cert(Cosmetic Acupuncture)
Founder and Chairman

Has more than 12 years of experience in Acupuncture and 9 years of experience in Alternative Medicine. Has the expertise in Scalp and Body Acupuncture, Auriculotherapy, Moxibution, Cupping Therapy, Reflexology and Cosmetic Acupuncture. Has produced remarkable success in treating Type I and Type II diabetes. With the unique combination of Acupuncture and Alternative Medicine, marvelous improvement shown in cancer patients even at the final stage. Formulated a unique protocol in Alternative Medicine to enhance the brain power of students and persons appearing for competitive exams. This has proved to reduce the study time, increased concentration and emotional balance to face the interview panel. Expert in treating Chronic diseases of Kidney, Lungs and Heart. Has developed a special protocol to treat Autism and multiple disabilities. The only therapist to produce significant improvement in speech and hyperactivity in autistic persons. Specialist in Scalp Acupuncture and has an excellent track record of producing fastest recovery in Post stroke and paralytic conditions.

Chief Consultant (Naturopathy and Yoga)

Completed the graduation in Naturopathy and Yogic Science in 2013, has worked at various locations like Perambalur, Trichy, Hosur and Chennai at various hospitals. Has total 6 years of experience in the line of practicing Naturopathy and Yoga for therapeutic treatments. Has won many accolades in the field of Yoga and Naturopathy. Has expertise in Hydrotherapy, Chromotherapy, Magneto Therapy, Mud Therapy, Diet Therapy and Acupuncture. Expert in treating paralysis/stroke patients through Naturopathy, Scalp massage and Diet therapy. Has produced remarkable results in treating obesity and weight loss. Has successfully revived the kidney failure cases through Naturopathy and Alternative medicines.

Ms.AMRIN SULTANA, MD(Acu), Cert(Sujok), Cert(Reiki), Cert(Cosmetic Acupuncture), Cert(AM)

Has more than 6 years of experience in practicing Acupuncture and Alternative Medicines. Has been practicing Reiki since 2012 and an expert in Seed Therapy, Six Ki, Ear Correspondence system and Bach Remedy. Acquired specialization in Cupping Therapy (Dry and Wet), BMS Therapy, Marma Release Therapy, Scalp Acupuncture and Cosmetic Acupuncture. Has a proven track of excellence in Beautification of Face and Body through unique combination of Acupuncture and Alternative Medicine techniques. Specialist in correcting thin and wrinkled skin, swollen face, hanging and puffy skin, removing deep wrinkles, acne and pimples, face lift, face glow treatment, anti ageing treatment, correcting dull and lifeless hair, dry hair with dandruff, weight loss, inch loss, scar and stretch marks removal etc.


Completed the graduation in Naturopathy and yogic science from the Government College of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences, Chennai. Has given great success result in treating sinusitis , Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetic Mellitus and paralysis patients so far. Has expertise in Diet Therapy, Hydrotherapy, Mud Therapy, Magneto Therapy and Acupuncture. Acquired specialization in therapeutic Swedish massage. Has produced remarkable result in treating obesity, weight loss and pain management through naturopathy and alternative medicines.